These works celebrate paint while blurring the line between figure and abstract. I use my growing camera roll for reference and inspiration. Images of family, friends, and the tv drive composition and a hidden narrative within each painting. As I build up layers of paint, the marks' color and shape enhance and destroy a domestic scene; hinting at a disillusioned life. Abstraction ameliorates semi-realistic underpainting and recent memories take fantastic form. Silky ink stains, spray paint splatters, drips, blobs, scrubs, and strokes of oil paint in varying weight and opacity twist across an ambiguous horizon. Anxiety drives the frenetic marks resembling something spinning out or frothing into something else. My mark making is symbolic of the knotted, stringy space that maps the universe’s smallest particles traversing infinitely possible paths at once. The paintings shudder with a pulsing, nervous energy that emphasizes the fragility of comfort and happiness. I transform my insecurities as a woman, mother, wife, sister and friend, into something tangible and beautiful; a bittersweet beauty that is brightened by the shadow it casts. I am trying to come to terms with the belief that this is the best of all possible worlds; the possibility that beauty’s fullest potential is achieved by coming through the darkness.